“The team at Inta were fantastic, this project evolved during the instalation and Inta took a very flexible pragmatic approach ensuring the final design met all our expectations .”

– Facilities manager – Loughborough University

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From Concept Design to Completion  the team at Inta have the knowledge to make ideas work. Inta Electrical Services work with a number of Partners to deliver a ‘best in class’ design and service.

Access Control – Security is paramount in the modern world. Knowing that your premises security access systems can limit the access to unwanted visitors is a key in any organization’s security. Inta provides complete solutions for office premises, nursing home, commercial or private property. it is always good to have the piece of mind involved with securing access to your premises.

Voice & Data – We can assist in every stage of your network implementation. We are conscious of the constant changes in technology; our recommendations will not only take into consideration your immediate needs but also account for future requirements.

Fire Alarm & CCTV we offers an all inclusive design, installation, service and maintenance facility to ensure optimum performance of all security systems. All alarm systems are tailored to suit individual needs, from a basic system protecting one entrance to a fully monitored system with perimeter protection, allowing a chosen monitoring station to inform the pre-arranged contact and the appropriate emergency service once the alarm is activated.


Electrical Installation – As an NICIEC Approved contractor, our installations are completed to the highest standards and provide‘in house’ spot check quality control measures.
Emergency Lighting – As well as installing lighting systems that comply to BS 5266-1:1999 which is the code of practice for emergency lighting, we also maintain and test existing emergency lighting systems.

Lighting & Electrical Design – One thing that sets Inta apart is our extraordinary strength and excellence in the area of design services. We are capable of coordinating the entire process from concept to completion. We undertake a complete lighting design service, producing schemes in accordance with latest CIBSE guidelines, utililising our inhouse relux and cad designers.

With quick turnaround designs, we are always willing to work closely with architectural or other engineering firms to provide complete electrical design. Inta also provide as-built drawings while maintaining updated sets throughout projects.

Energy Services – Inta can provide energy usage optimization and energy efficiency review services to new and existing buildings.