Fixed Wire Testing & Inspection

With a wealth of experience in the commercial, retail and leisure, and industrial enviroments Inta Electrical Services provide a best in class service for Electrical Inspection and Testing of fixed installations.

With in excess of 70 qualified electricians nationwide Inta Electrical Services can flex our  resources to meet your requirements especially when there is a tight deadline to meet. Using the latest software & CRM Inta Electrical Services manages the full process from mobilising the contract through to providing the certificates in the format you require.

All Electrical Inspection & Testing is carried out in accordance with BS7671 Guidance note 3  and the 18th Edition IEE Regulations. The frequency of inspections are clearly defined in BS7671

Typically testing is undertaken every 5 years by either testing 100% of the circuits every 5 years or testing 20% of the circuits annually over the 5 year term. The later allows for an annual visual inspection.

Inta Electrical Services will tailor the service to suit your requirements and by adding additional services such as Emergency Light Testing that can be undertaken at the same time you can benefit from savings  as our engineers multitask.