Emergency Light Testing & Repairs

Emergency Lighting is essential for the safety of all occupants within a building. It is essential that the emergency lighting operates when normal lighting fails. The emergency lighting needs to remain illuminated for a sufficient amount of time, be of sufficient illuminance and be positioned to effect the safe evacuation of the building occupants.

All emergency light systems should be regulary tested and inspected  to ensure compliance to the Code of Practice for Emergency Lighting of Premesisi – BS5266-1:2005 and in accordance with the Fire Precautions (workplace) Regulations 1997.

The system should include adequate facilities for testing and recording the system condition.

Code of Practice 7.1 – Function Test

Emergency Luminaries should  be tested by breaking the supply to them and checking they operate satisfactorily. The supply must then be restored and the charging indicators must be seen to be operating correctly

Code of Practice 7.2 – Discharge Test

Emergency luminaries must be tested for full rated duration period and checked for satisfactory operation. The supply must then be restored and the charging indicators rechecked.                      

At six month intervals a test of all equipment is to be conducted for one third of its rated duration

Every 12 months a full system test should be conducted including a full duration test. Results obtained and details of any corrective action should be entered into a log book that should be held on site.

Inta Electrical Services will provide a full report detailing the findings of the inspection along with a summary of any defects found and a quotation to undertake any remedial works.