Electrical Fault Finding

With nationwide coverage our fully qualified engineers are best placed to identify and rectify any electrical fault.

Inta Electrical Services have received more call outs over the last 2 to 3 years to investigate faults across retail and office environments, mainly due to nuisance tripping of final circuits.

As RCBO’s are being specified and installed more and more, they are causing numerous issues with unwanted tripping and power outages, often causing loss of trading or sensitive data to be lost.

In many cases this is due to incorrect types of breakers being installed (e.g. Type B breaker installed instead of Type C), older portable equipment starting to deteriorate or excessive equipment being installed onto a circuit causing high earth leakage.

Power Analysis Testing:

A common cause of nuisance tripping is down to the quality of the electrical supply coming into the building. Current harmonics, high neutral currents and surges can cause many issues and the quality of the incoming supply is often overlooked or the last thing to be investigated.

By simply installing a Power Analysis Tester over a period of time, ideally a week, we can check the quality of the Incoming supply and give a basic health check on what is being supplied into the building. This is a relatively inexpensive exercise and can often be carried out with no disruption to the power supply